Doggie U K9 Academy is the largest state of the art Canine Training Facility on Long Island, NY.
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News:   Tuesday December 12, no Rally Class or Run thrus.  Next week they will resume.  Doggie U CPE Agility Trial December 15-17.  Call for more information and to enroll in any of our classes 631-968-7972


    Rolissa Nash

    • Breed Handling, Obedience, Agility
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        Virginia Anziani (Ginny)

        • Puppy K, Rally and Obedience, Beginner Agility
        In 1986 Ginny entered the world of Obedience training.  She attended many educational seminars with the leaders in the field and earned obedience titles as well as CGC titles on her dogs. Ginny enjoys and appreciates the strong bond that develops between owner and dog through training.  She has pursued this enthusiasm by teaching the puppy and beginning levels of obedience.  There is no greater feeling then seeing the excitement of accomplishment in the eyes of the dogs and owners.   Ginny believes that keeping training fun and challenging results in long lasting success. Ginny has been teaching Puppy K and Beginner/ Novice Obedience/CGC classes at Doggie U since June 2005.  She continues to share her enthusiasm for the sport of Obedience through her teaching efforts at the Dog Obedience Club of South Nassau.  Ginny has also served as a Judge for the Pre-Novice/Novice classes at local match shows and stewarded in all levels of obedience competition.  As a member of the ADPT, Ginny continues to learn different ways to bring the concept of positive training and success to all in need.

            Louise Wetzel

            • Agility
            Louise discovered the sport of Dog Agility in 1990 became addicted and has been teaching it now for over 24 years. She also has been teaching agility at Doggie U since the facility opened in June of 2005. She has experience training and working with all different breeds from Newfoundlands to Yorkies. Louise believes all dogs are individuals, no one method of training works for every dog or every person; so she tries to find the right way to motivate every dog/handler team. Her students have accomplished so much with their dogs; many are multi-titled in various venues. Many are working at the higher levels of the different venues. All students whether or not they compete in agility trials are having a good time playing, training, teaching and enriching their relationship with their dog. Louise regularly attends seminars, lessons and classes with top class  instructors to add to her base of knowledge for her students and her own dogs. Barb DeMascio, Olga Chaiko, Stacy Peardot Goudy, Sue Sternberg,  Jenn Crank, Amanda Shyne, Diane Goodspeed and Rosann DeMascio to name a few. Louise’s Papillons past and current have high level titles in all venues, USDAA, NADAC and AKC.  Her BMD Sophie was the first USDAA titled Bernese Mountain Dog in the USA.  Devin, the Border Collie was also multi-titled in the high levels of all venues.  Devin, her Border Collie had legs in ATBA herding and the Kelpie, Kane. Louise has also titled dogs in obedience, flyball, disc dog, agility and conformation. There are now five dogs in the house, with the addition of a new Kelpie puppy, Montana and Kelpies Kane and Raven. And two Papillons Errol and TJ.  Both Kelpies have multiple Championship titles in CPE agility. Kane is a multiple C-ATCH dog and his now working on his CS-ATE he will be 12 in June. Kane is the first Flyball Onyx titled dog on Long Island, the ONYX title is given for achieving 20,000 points in Flyball. Raven is very close to getting her C-ATCH 3 in CPE agility. Raven is also running in Teacup agility and she is first Kelpie titled in that venue. Errol the Papillon is working towards his C-ATCH 2 in CPE, runs in AKC agility. He also has titled in Teacup Agility. Errol is one major away from his AKC breed Championship. TJ is not really an agility dog, but he shows great promise in Canine Noseworks, he just loves his class. Louise also does some rescue work, and has given new starts to quite few Papillons and small dogs. Nothing  pleases her more than finding homes for these special little souls. TJ is a failed foster, he stayed and never left. To learn more about Louise and her dogs visit her website.

              Teri Nolan

              • Agility
              Teri is teaching on Monday nights at Doggie U, Beginner through Novice Level, Wednesday night Beginner Agility and classes on Tuesday Novice Agility and Puppy Agility classes. In her over 10 years of instructing agility she has great success with her students and her own personal dogs. Teri also is a wonderful agility handler, she handles and trains other breeds of dogs and finds the challenge of learning and working with them all a great experience. She has taken into the agility ring: Border Collies, Dachshunds, Australian Kelpie, Papillons, All Americans, Australian Shepherd, Cavaliers, Border Terrier, Weimaraner, Sheltie and German Shepherd Dog are among the breeds she has worked with in the agility competition ring.

                  Dawn Fillips

                  • Competition Obedience and Agility
                  Dawn Fillips has been involved in dog training since 1988. She came from a strong background in training horses. She spent 15 years at the track training standardbred racehorses and showed her own horses in dressage and show jumping at a regional and national level. Dawn has worked at many local shelters and Forster and trained many different breeds. In 1990 she got involved in schutzhund then AKC obedience and then onto agility. Dawn has worked hard to stay on the cutting edge of this evolving sport of agility And has worked with a various of top trainers in the US and overseas. Dawn competes with her dogs in obedience and agility at the local,regional and national level. Dawn has competed with her Rottweiler in AKC obedience ,agility, rally, NADAC and CPE. With her border collies she is dedicated to AKC, USDAA and UK agility international and consistently making finals and the podium. Dawn has shown her border collie Loud to an obedience championship (OTCH ) with a 200 perfect score and a few 199’s. Dawn has also put obedience and agility titles on her students dogs. Dawn teaches her students how to have a strong relationship with their dog and have fun. Each breed is different and many different personality traits so many dogs need to be trained as individuals as well as people. Dawn right now resides with her three border collies and a Dachshund. Loud’s achievements
                  • OTCH, NATCH 2, MACH 5, ADCH Bronze, P ADCH Bronze
                  • UDX3, OM3, RN, MXC2, MJG2, MXF, MFG, TQX, Tournament Master Bronze
                  • All Star 60 weave pole winner
                  • All Star Ultimate dog challenge winner
                  • 2013 USDAA national team finals 7 place
                  • 2013 Canadian regional P Grand Prix 1 place
                  • 2013 Canadian regional P steeple Chase 1 place
                  • 2013 Canadian regional biathlon 2 place
                  • 2014 Mid Atlantic regional P teams 3 place
                  • 2014 New England regionals P Grand Prix 3 place
                  • 2014 New England regionals P Steeple Chase 3 place
                  • 2014 USDAA National biathlon final 6 place
                  • 2014 USDAA National P Steeple Chase finals 7 place
                  • Loud has qualified for AKC, USDAA nationals every year and made the semifinals
                  • 2008 NADAC National 4 place 20 inch.
                  • Loud has showed in 16, 20, 22, 24 and 26 inch division
                  Guts Achievement
                  • MACH, ADCH, CD, MXS, MJS, Tournament Master Bronze
                  • 2013 USDAA Grand Prix Q finals 3 place
                  • 2014 USDAA Mid Atlantic regionals Grand Prix finals 1 place
                  • 2014 USDAA Mid Atlantic regionals Master team finals 7 place
                  • 2014 USDAA Nationals Steeple Chase Q 7 place
                  • 2014 USDAA New England team Gambler I place
                  • 2014 USDAA New England Grand Prix semi finals 4 place
                  • 2014 USDAA Mid Atlantic regionals Master Challenge 3 place
                  • Guts has qualified every year for AKC and USDAA Nationals
                  Prize achievements
                  • MACH, MX, MXJ, MXB, MXJB
                  • Prize got her AKC agility championship in one year of trialling
                  • Prize has qualified for USDAA and AKC Nationals in one year of trialling

                      Peggy Rogan

                      • Puppy K and Obedience
                      Peggy is a retired bank executive who is currently operating her own business. However, her passion is her Dalmatians. This passion goes back to her teens earning her first dog’s obedience title at the age of 15 and finishing her first breed champion at 16. She is currently the President of the Dalmatian Club of Greater New York and on the board of the Suffolk County Kennel Club. She actively competes in both breed conformation and obedience venues. Peggy has been providing novice dog training lessons at Doggie U for more than 7 years. She combines her knowledge of adult learning and dogs to provide a thorough overview of basic motivational beginner dog training. Peggy is a CGC Evaluator and truly enjoys encouraging puppies and their owners to earn their AKC Puppy Star when graduating her class!

                          Rebecca Stromski

                          •  Puppy Kindergarten, Beginner and Advanced Beginner Obedience, Specialty Obedience Classes, Private Lessons Rebecca has been working with dogs her entire life. She was owned by a pack of Cairn Terriers and a Saint Bernard at an early age. This fueled her fire in the interest in different types of breeds. She is now owned by her three-year-old son, Holden David and her two year old French Bulldog,  Mr. Boba Fett. She started out working in the animal shelter Where she quickly formed a bond with unwanted and neglected animals, and chose to become proactive by keeping these amazing dogs in their new homes through training. “I couldn’t fathom to see them returned back to the shelter any more, when they were good at heart, but just needed some guidance” She then obtained a job at an indoor dog park where she met her amazing mentor, Mr. John Nidweski, Who said she had ‘the touch’, And wanted to show her everything he knew about dog training. She stayed under his wing and joined the Dog Obedience club of South Nassau as his assistant, And has been with the club since 2012. After her mentors untimely passing, she took over the beginners obedience and the puppy kindergarten classes at the dog obedience club and also became certified as an Animal Behavioral College Mentor Trainer in lieu of him. She was then asked to come on board at Doggie U as a puppy K,  beginners, and leash manners instructor. She is Also doing in-home private lessons and lessons at the facility. “Dog training is my passion and I believe that most dogs are trainable”

                              Joanne Contegiacomo, Agility Joanne, a Special Education Teacher for children with Autism, entered the world of agility in the Spring of 2002 with her dog Molly, then 2 years old. By the Fall, she was told that she MUST enter the October trial. Without question, Joanne and Molly entered and thus opened a whole new world. Agility has taught Joanne about the bond that develops working side by side with her four-legged family. Each dog learns and responds differently, just like people. Agility is a wonderful way to build confidence in your dog and yourself. Both human and dog learn to rely and trust each other to complete a “Clean Run”. Joanne’s most favorite thing about agility is the incredible family that she has adopted since 2002. Each person past and present has always been available at trials to be the cheerleaders to the “newbies” or share triumphs in various titles of the seasoned dogs. Most importantly, her Doggie U family provided comfort when Ringo’s agility career tragically ended from a spinal cord injury in December 2014. If Joanne is not on an agility course, you can find her rescuing animals who are lost or in imminent danger and providing humane education for our youth. Joanne states that, “It is with great honor to be teaching with an incredible group of instructors at Doggie U. Many who have taught her everything she knows.”

                                december, 2017

                                15dec - 17All DayDoggie U December CPE Agility Trial

                                23decAll DayDoggie U is closed today Saturday December 23

                                24decAll DayDoggie U is closed today Sunday December 24

                                25decAll DayDoggie U is Closed today Monday, Dec 25-Merry Christmas

                                29dec3:00 pm- 8:00 pmDU Obedience Run Thrus -Friday Dec 29

                                30decAll DayDU Agility Match Saturday December 30

                                31decAll DayDU Breed Match Sunday December 31

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                                About our Facility

                                Doggie U has rental space available on a daily, weekly, monthly or special event basis to clubs, trainers, students or individuals. Our space is available for shows, agility trials, special events, match shows and other dog events. Our facility is also available for non-doggy events. The facility main room is large enough to hold obedience trials with multiple rings, agility trials and conformation shows. The flooring is a rubber matted floor. The facility is fully heated and air conditioned.

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