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Best of Long Island 2015
Vote for Doggie U as the Best Dog Trainer
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Weight Pulling Events Coming Up at Doggie U

January 31, 2014 Strong Island Fun Pull

February 21& 22, 2015 IWPA Sanctioned Weight Pull

March 21& 22, 2015 IWPA Sanctioned Wedight Pull

More Information on these events is on our

Upcoming Events Page

Wednesday evening Weight Pulling Classes

6:30pm under 12 months and small dogs

7:30pm dogs over 12 months and large dogs

Information on these classes is on the Training Class page

631-968-7972 or email

Open to big and small dogs, all breeds, no experience necessary


Breed Handling
Tuesday at 7:45pm
Begins October 21, 2014


Tuesday October 14, 2014 Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Doggie U has been approved to host
CPE and ALL LEVELS of AKC Agility Trials
at our new facility
1515D Fifth Industrial Court, Bay Shore NY 11716

As it is very exciting, this is only one of many challenges ahead of us on our journey forward. We want to thank everyone for your patience and continued support to help make this new chapter of Doggie U a success. Rolissa & Ginny


Wednesday October 1, 2014 Rolissa and Ginny are happy to announce:
Doggie U appreciates your patience, understanding, and support since our roof collapse in August. We are happy to announce that our new location is scheduled to be up and running by October 17. We are still in Bay Shore but will now be located just off Southern State Parkway at
1515D Fifth Industrial Court, Bay Shore NY 11706
Our building is still in the construction phase and is not open to the public. We hope that you can understand our desire not to distract the workers from completing their work. Our phone number and email remains the same. It's an exciting time but we still have many challenges ahead of us. We are counting on your continued support to help make this new chapter of Doggie U a success.
We have many events scheduled including our Weight Pull Seminar and Trial on Oct 18 and 19. Newsday is coming on Sunday to cover Long Island's first Weight Pull competition. Also scheduled for December 6 is our tricks seminar with Karen Profenna. Our upcoming agility events include Diane Goodspeed seminar on November 1 and Teacup trials on November 16 and December 7. We will also be hosting many other events sponsored by Long Island's outstanding dog clubs. We look forward to seeing you and your friends at these events.
More information about these events can be found on our website



Friday September 19, 2014 Fellow members , family and friends we have been faced with many challenges since the damage to Doggie U. It has now been a little over a month since  the storm, and we have made incredible strides thanks in large part to you and the outpouring of support we have received.   I am excited to share some news with you, and that is that we have secured a new location and will be moving in on  Oct 17, 2014.  We are looking forward to welcoming each of you to the New Doggie U, your home.  Your support has been invaluable in making this move happen.

We made this decision after careful evaluation and professional assessment, that the current location is no longer tenable for our purposes, and the safety of our four legged family members is one of Doggie U's top priorities.

We have gotten over the first mound, are excited to start the climb up the hill we are confident that with your continued and generous support we shall reach the top. 
We envision bigger and better things for Doggie U and are glad you are a part of the Doggie U family and team. Rolissa


Doggie U Update Sunday September 14, 2014


We want to thank everyone for their continued support of Doggie U and our endeavors to re-build as quickly as possible. 

As of today, the building is empty and ready for construction.  We are also covering all options to service everyone in a timely manner.  As such we have arranged to conduct our puppy, beginner class and existing agility classes at outside sites. 

We do have several fund raiser campaigns in place to assist with the rebuild efforts.  Please visit these sites for more information and share them with other Dog Lovers you may know.

Go Fund Me:


Again,  We Thank You All for Your Support and we will keep you apprised of our progress.

To all Doggy U family and friends:

As each of you are aware our community experienced a storm that produced record rainfall of over 14 inches in a 12 hour period. A number of residents and businesses have been affected by this and suffered loss, and unfortunately Doggie U was not spared. Our building suffered major damage, but the process is already underway to move forward in getting Doggie U rebuilt and running, thanks to our wonderful members, friends and caring dog community near and far.   

In the meantime, we are working to set up temporary space. I want each of you to know that Doggie U will continue, and while we have some work ahead of us, we are continuing to move forward with our plans.

I am thankful that no one was injured, and that our losses are confined to things that can be fixed or replaced. As soon as the complete assessment is done I'll provide an update.

Thank you to my partner Ginny, team members: Teri, Louise, Judy, Alex, Yolanda, Merrilee, Debbie, Diana, Paula who have stepped in and offered invaluable assistance, and others of you who've volunteered to help.  The list is large.
Additionally, I am deeply appreciative to the entire dog community that is continuing to help.  Words cannot express how I feel about all of you and the friendship and support you've shown.

Warmest regards,





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Our Phone Number 631-968-7972

Our Email


****Effective January 1st, all rentals must be booked 3 days before

with payment and NO refunds if canceled***

Call Doggie U 631-968-7972 to book your time and pay with a credit card



Art Weisser and Nellie received their TACH at the Doggie U Teacup Trial on August 3, 2014. Our judge was Joyce Yaccarino




Doggie U goes to the All Star Obedience Championships August 2-3, 2014 in York Pennsylvania. We wish them luck and good runs!




Leslie Sweet-Berkowitz and Moxie Maltese

Deb Masino (Doggie U Obedience Instructor) and Bounce, Pomeranian

Sue Auman Levine and Max, Golden Retriever


At the DACLI CPE trial Kathleen Dougherty's Finnegan (Piccadil's Jump Jive & Wail) handled by her grandson Aidan made their CPE debut. They qualified in both with 1st places and now have earned their CL1-H title. Doggie U is very proud of our Juniors! Thank you Lisa Lucas for your patience and help. Thank you all for your support of Aidan. The cheers that went up when they finished were wonderful.  


Pictured left to right: Lisa Lucius, Finnegan, Aiden and Teri


A few of the Doggie U members that excel in CPE Agility!




Art Weisser and Nellie, got their C-ATCH #3 at the DACLI

Agility Trial held at Doggie U, July 2014

Judge Lisa Lucius




Yolando Russel and Bitsy achieved their C-ATCH at the DACLI trial also

Judge Lisa Lucius



A big thank you to all of the competitors at the December 2013 Doggie U
CPE Agility Trial for your generous donations to the Town of Babylon
Animal Shelter in honor of Clancy. — with Ginny Anziani.


Thank you all for voting!



Rolissa would like to thank everyone for their Get Well wishes.

Your kind thoughts were greatly appreciated.



Doggie U TV Commercial.  Click here to view the video!!!!! 
Perhaps you and your dog will be on the screen!



Doggie U is a state of the art Canine Training Facility for  Long Island 13,000 sq ft,

fully matted facility with anti-grip and impact footing matting, see our facility photos page.


We offer classes in: Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Agility,  Pet Obedience,

Competition Obedience, Breed Handling, and Rally  classes are on our

Training Class page  Agility Class Schedule page


Our instructors  are well experienced in their fields and enjoy working with all

people and dogs. 

See our instructor bio page.


Dog showing and training events are always on-going at our facility. 

We offer agility, obedience, rally and conformation match shows.  CGC and TDI tests are periodically scheduled.  We also have informational seminars on training, behavior

and many other dog related subjects.  Doggie U is providing a full slate of events

for you and your dog no matter what your focus is.  See the Upcoming Events page

for info on these events.


Rental Space available on a daily, weekly, monthly or special event basis  to clubs, 

trainers, students or individuals see Ring Rental page. 


Discounted Dog Food and Supplies are sold in

our store.  We have Vets Choice food, dry and

canned, supplements, treats, training supplies,

collars, leashes for sale. 

Visit our Store Page for more information.                                      


Grooming is currently not available. 

Check for Groomer availability in the future.


Space Available for Shows, Special Events and

Match Shows.   Our facility is also available for non-doggy events. 


Call Doggie U for more information





From New York City:  Southern State Pkwy East
Exit 42N North Fifth Avenue, left on to Spur Drive North,
Right on Fifth Industrial Court, building is on left 1515D

From Riverhead:  Sunrise Highway Rt27W to exit 46,
Southern State Pkwy West, Exit 42N North Fifth Avenue,
left on to Spur Drive North
Right on Fifth Industrial Court, building is on left 1515D


Let's get doggie u rebuilt

Doggie u is coming along. The entire building has been cleaned out. All equipment and matting has been power washed . Thanks to our dedicated membership that has worked diligently since this happened. Please continue to share this.


Upcoming Training News, Classes and Events

For more information on any of these events on
Upcoming Events Page

click here

Breed Handling
Tuesday at 7:45pm
Begins October 21, 2014

Thursday's 8:15 Breed Handling class is By Appointment
call 631-968-7972

Advanced Obedience / Rally
Tuesday afternoon
begins June 23
Special Daytime Rates
$120 for six weeks
call for info 631-968-7972

Rally Run Thrus
Tuesday 2-4 pm
$10 per run

Rally Run Thrus
11:15am - 1:15pm

No Run Thrus On the following dates:
call 631-968-7972
3 Nested Courses
$10 per run
Call for more information

Interested in doing CGC or/and TDI test?
CGC/TDI Class and Test

And get your name on the list!

Doggie “U”  K9 Academy
1515D Fifth Industrial Court
Bay Shore NY 11706

For more info call:  631-968-7972   E-mail:






The Historic Storm of August 2014 in Bay Shore, left our School with a Collapsed Roof and destroyed our training equipment.  As we try to build back we say--- Leave No Paw Behind --- Help us bring our kids (Paws) back to School.  Let's Raise the Roof Again to Training, Learning, Fun.
Leave No Paw Behind


Upcoming Agility News, Classes and Events

Agility Skills Class
Wednesday 11:30am
begins 10/29/2014

Beginner Agility classes
Friday 11am
call 631-968-7972

Sunday Morning
Drop in Beginner 11am & Advanced 1:00pm classes

Upcoming Class dates:
call 631-968-7972
$15 per dog

For more information on any of these events on
Upcoming Events Page

click here





Doggie U  K9 Academy
1515D Fifth Industrial Court
Bay Shore NY 11706

For more info call:  631-968-7972   E-mail: